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 Nature Journaling


Creating and keeping an active nature journal will increase your skills of observation, stimulate your curiosity and
teach you how to see.


What is a Nature/Field Journal?

A nature journal is simply a record of observations, experiences, feelings, and personal thoughts
about natural events that you have observed and recorded.  A nature journal can be collection of
writing, drawings, and prose.  A complete in-depth journal should be a combination of all.


A well-kept nature journal can be a powerful personal learning tool and a valuable record of natural
history events or moments you experience.


 Nature Journals Are Not New

Nature journals have been created since the dawn of humankind and have been the principle
vehicles that have led to scientific discovery.


Leonardo di Vinci, Galileo, Darwin, Lewis and Clark, John Muir, Aldo Leopold and others all kept
nature journals to record natural events, observations, and to describe new species.  But without a
doubt the first nature journalists were likely early humans who scribbled their observations of
wooly mammoths, bison, and other animals in the caves in France.

 Nature Journaling is for All Ages

Nature journaling can be enjoyed by all ages and you don't have to be an artist to keep an active
nature journal. Written word, prose, and music can be recorded in your journal, whatever is your
favorite medium.